Has a vehicle been abandoned on your property? Do you need to enforce a lien and apply for a title for a vehicle?  Look no further! Here at Title King Express and Lien Corp, we use Florida Statutes (laws on abandoned towman and mechanical liens) to enforce liens in order to apply for a title for your vehicle or vessel. All you need to do is provide a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and we will provide you with the cost of this service. We will respond to all requests within a matter of days. Once you pay the cost for our services, we will begin the process to enforce the lien. Once we begin the enforcement process, we will take the necessary steps to complete your request.

*Business Days is a North American term used to describe the official work days of the week. This includes Monday-Friday but, does not include weekends or public holidays.

Here are some standard rates that we usually charge for the enforcement of liens.  (Some of these rates are subjected to change)

Rates for enforcement of statutory liens

  • 30-45 Business Days (60 Days) – $475 USD
  • 21 Business Days – $750 USD
  • 15 Business Days – $800 USD
  • Title History – $39 USD

It should be noted that we do not charge any rates lower than $475 USD for the lien enforcement process. We set this rate because we are also charged when we submit your application to the DMV.  Essentially, the 30-45 Business Day deal is the standard rate and what most customers prefer to pay. The other options are for customers who are in a bit of a rush to enforce their lien. It should also be noted that sometimes it may take longer for the lien process depending on activity within the DMV but, rest assured we are rushing to complete your lien process as soon as possible. So without further ado, are you ready for your Title King Express Price Quote today?

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    Services We Offer to Enforce Your Liens Against:

    • Car Titles
    • Boat Titles
    • Motorcycle Titles
    • Mobile Home Titles
    • And much more!


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